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Treatment Information

  • Duration 30-45 mins
  • Practitioner Jenny Cader


  • Profhilo from £250
  • Seventy Hyal £500 for 3 treatments
  • What is Skin Boosting?

    Skin boosting or bio-remodelling involves the use of injectable high grade hyaluronic acid products using small needles to improve the structure, texture, and overall appearance of the skin. These innovative products also stimulate fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, elastin production and significantly improve skin tone, radiation, hydration, and quality of skin. The results are noticeable very quickly and skin boosting is fast becoming the treatment of choice for all skin types and ages for natural looking skin rejuvenation.

    They can be used across the whole face, detailed areas such as under and around the eyes, upper lip, chin, fine lines, cheeks, hands, neck, décolletage and even the body with little, if any, downtime.

    Choice of Skin Booster – Profhilo, Seventy Hyal and Polynucleotides

    While Profhilo is one of the most popular skin boosting treatments available, other products are now available and proving to be just as effective. Each product has their own unique properties – e.g., concentration of hyaluronic acid, volume of hyaluronic acid, addition of amino acids & peptides etc.

  • Skin Boosting injections can be used in several places on the face and body, including:

    • Full Face
    • Neck
    • Around eyes
    • Lip and Chin
    • Décolletage
    • Body – Hands

    Profhilo Treatment

    Profhilo contains 100% Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our skin. As we age we loose collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid gradually. Profhilo provides instant hydration to the skin, while stimulating collagen and elastin. This treat has very little downtime. It is injected just under the skin, using very fine needles, in ten pre-determined points; five injection points on each side of the face to give optimum results. The fine needle means the treatment is relatively painless, feeling like a small scratch, and usually does not require a topical numbing cream prior to treatment.

    The Profhilo treatment which consists of two sessions, one month apart, this is to ensure maximum results are achieved. If signs of ageing are significant an additional treatment may be recommended four to eight weeks later. We also recommend, after approximately six months, a maintenance treatment to prolong the effect.

  • The effects of Profhilo are subtle but immediate; the skin will look smoother and brighter immediately following your first treatment. As time passes these effects are enhanced and can last up to six months, depending skin type and lifestyle.

    Profhilo is injected into the following areas on both sides of the face:

    • Zygomatic Protrusion (cheekbone)
    • Nasal Base (in line with the nostril)
    • Tragus (in line with the ear lobe)
    • Chin
    • Mandibular Angle (jawline)

    Immediately following the treatment there is a noticeable improvement in skin tone, hydration as well as firmness, and lines are minimised. Over the next four weeks the Profhilo treatment works to boost elastin and collagen production, effectively remodelling the skin and giving it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance.

    Individual Treatment £250
    Two Full Treatments £500

  • Polynucleotides-image-_1_ (1)

    Polynucleotides Treatment

    What are Polynucleotides?

    Polynucleotides are an amazing concept in regenerative medicine, derived from sterilized salmon dna and designed to repair damaged tissues within the skin. The polynucleotides are injected into the skin to stimulate collagen AND elastin, tighten the skin, repairing skin cells. Improves elasticity to the skin, tightens, plumps fine lines, reduces acne scarring and rosacea healing the skin.

    This treatment is great as a stand-alone treatment or alongside other aesthetic treatments to enhance results. If the skin is particularly dry a hyaluronic acid based skin booster such as profhilo would still be required with the polynucleotides for hydration. Think Poly to lift and tighten, profhilo to hydrate and glow.

    Face or neck 3 treatments £699
    Eyes 3 treatments £550
    Face or neck and eyes 3 treatments £999

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects?

Although this injectable solution is partly composed of compounds found in the human body, common side effects that may occur are pain, redness, swelling, itching, bruising. However, these side effects usually disappear within two days of the injection.

Post-Treatment Instructions

Avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area. Unless instructed by the provider.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoid extensive sun or heat for 72 hours.
  • Avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salts to avoid excess swelling.
  • If you have swelling you may apply a cool compress for 15 minutes each hour.
  • Use paracetamol for discomfort.
  • Try to sleep face up and slightly elevated if you experience swelling.


Profhilo Individual Treatment£250
Profhilo Two Full Treatments£500
 Seventy Hyal  Treatments £500 for course of 3

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