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So last month we were flicking through the latest copy of ASOS Magazine checking out the lastest fashion and i came across my own work on nails on the nail art page! I had completely forgotten that i’d recently tweeted them a few pictures on twitter, not knowing i was entering the pics for anything, i just thought lots of people where posting their pictures of nail art so i did them same. So we were very happy to see they had picked 2 of our peices to star in the magazine, both of which you can view in our gallery!


There was just 1 problem they had the names mixed up on the page and they put my name on someone elses picture and their name on mine! Not happy about that but all the same our pics were in asos so thats all good 🙂 The pics that are ours are the middle picture with the heart and flower on pink and silver glitter which are acrylic nails and the picture below which is bio sculpture gel

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