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Medical tattooing continued…

With medical tattooing there are many areas that this covers, since training in September for areola and nipple tattooing I have been back to Nouveau and finished my medical training. This time we learnt how to work on people with clef lip, vitiligo, scars and small scalp bald patches. It is amazing as to what can be done for these areas, and it feels great to be able to give people a life changing result. These treatments are no miracle results by any means but they help create a less obvious look giving people more confidence. The pictures below are before and straight after the treatments and are my own work, as with all micro pigmentation/ semi permanent makeup work, the pigments are always darker for the first few weeks and they then go on to heal a lot softer and then fade over time, meaning yearly top up colour boosts are required.

Cleft Lip

With this procedure we have learnt how to soften some of the scarring around the lip area which would be done in the first session. The client then comes back for the first lip treatment. We design the lip shape to even out the lips and use natural lip based pigments. We can then add a slight kick of colour suited to each clients taste to have a lip blush effect. As you can see from the picture it is a great result. This treatment may take 3 sessions to have done and can be a little more sensitive than usual due to the scarring of the lip area.


Vitiligo skin

Vitiligo is a loss pigmentation in the skin can effect many people from small lighter patches on the skin to very large. I am only able to offer camouflage treatments on olive to darks skins and small patches only, not very large areas. With this treatment it is unrealistic to think that it is a total cure, but it can definitely help to make the lighter patches much less visible. We colour match the skin with the pigments and then use special techniques to input the pigments into the skin.

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Scalp tattooing is for men and women who may have a small bald patch, a scar in the scalp or receding hairlines. We use a pointillism technique with pigments matched to the hair colour to create hair follicle substitutes. This treatment is not painful and is great to make lighter patches in the scalp less visible.

If you or someone you know may benefit from any of these treatments feel free to come in for a free consultation to have a talk about how I can help. I am still looking for models for Clef lip and nipple clients to build my portfolio images, these are of course free of charge to you.

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