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The myths behind microblading & tattooing:

They are both PERMANENT MAKEUP and created to provide a similar effect of cosmetic results in place of conventional makeup.

I want my eyebrows microbladed but not tattooed!

This is a sentence I hear daily and I get asked all the time what is the difference between the methods, so I have decided to write this blog to help you understand what microblading really is. 2 years ago the media began a huge hype over this ‘new’ craze microblading. In fact it wasn’t new, its a very ancient technique that has been re developed and introduced back into the permanent makeup industry. There are many myths behind both of these treatments that I would like to clear up.

Both microblading and machine permanent makeup ARE tattoos. Microblading is being sold by some people under false advertisement as being more natural to the machine method or doesn’t last as long. This is not true. It is in fact down to the technician who applies the procedure to how ‘natural’ they can make it look, their individual experience, styles of application and experience. I have seen both machine method and microblading look natural and dramatic. There are many different needles in which these techniques are applied.

Microblading is done using a Handtool, relying on the technician to control depth into the skin and speed. It is a manual method of implanting pigments into the skin to create hair stokes in the brows. The handtool has a series of needles in a row that cuts the skin then the pigment is applied. It is done to the same depth as machine method permanent makeup THEREFORE it is simply not true that it doesn’t last as long. Some technicians if they lack in experience can cut the skin too deep, causing scarring to the skin or too light leaving the pigment to not be dark enough.

Due to the hype of microblading and cheap 1-2 day courses around a lot of people have jumped on this band wagon and are creating some shocking results, equally there are many amazing microblading technicians out there. How can you learn the effects of permanent makeup in 1-2 days of a microblading course, covering all health, hygiene, blood borne viruses, brow design, colour theory and application etc? When traditional reputable companies who provide permanent makeup courses are a minimum of 1-2 weeks with lots of case studies and then assessments to be passed? These are people faces. I believe that everyone should be qualified in traditional permanent makeup, giving them the knowledge of the skin before attempting microblading.

I strongly advise that you should research your technician before taking the plunge into a cheap deal! Microblading is not suitable for all skin types either, if you have thin skin or oily skin I wouldn’t advise this as the results will not heal great, this is why I am glad that I can offer both methods and have knowledge of both so I know what will suit your skin best.

Machine method permanent makeup –  micropigmentation

Machine tattooing looks thick and black!

Another myth -The finished result of both techniques is down to the technician on which needles and pigments they choose to use, this is why some may look different to others.

This technique is applied by a specialist machine, using a variety of needles which punch tiny holes at a consistent speed which is programmed by the machine giving even results. Using nano needles and 1 liners to give the same size strokes as a microblade but these are reinforced for a longer result. I personally feel that this method creates a less ‘ashy’ look to the pigments than microblading.

Not all technicians use the same needles or have the same knowledge of pigments and equipment, like in all industries there are good and bad technicians and difference of opinions. I have been doing permanent makeup for nearly 9 years now and microblading for 2.5 years and my personal preference is the machine method as I find the finished results are lasting longer and looking softer. I personally feel that the machine method is less aggressive to the skin than microblading.

It is the word TATTOO that scares people, but both these methods are designed to look soft and natural not like a traditional black tattoo.

When people ask for microblading they usually mean they would like the natural hair stroke effect. I offer a few different finishes to the brows, hair strokes, a powdered look and a combination of hair strokes and shading. All brows are bespoke to you and what you would like.

Both methods ARE PERMANENT and they gradually fade over time requiring you to have a top up to boost the colour yearly. You cannot guarantee that the pigments will 100% leave the skin.

Microblade hand tool below:                                                                               Permanent makeup machine below:



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