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I have just got back from this years 2 day Permanent makeup conference and awards in London. It was yet again such a fantastic event to attend to and I am so glad that I went. The conference was held in the Hilton hotel Heathrow and hosted by Theresa Wild. There was a collection of the most talented Permanent makeup technicians holding the presentations. They were all so inspiring and shared all their tips and secrets to their success. I can honestly say that I learnt so much which is great and I cannot wait to bring it all back to the salon for my clients. From amazing results in medical tattooing for areolas and scalp, to new techniques in brows & lips from Technicians globally!

Not only did I get to watch these fab people work, I met some other amazing technicians that I am now pleased to say are friends. No one is in competition with anyone we are all there to learn, grow and support each other, I just love it.

Being in this industry can at times be lonely or daunting but knowing you have others in the same boat wanting to give great results to their clients is lovely. We all got together to share experiences and learn from each other. You can never stop learning in my opinion and its great to keep up to date with all the latest techniques!

After the first days conference we had a gala dinner which was amazing and a awards ceremony. The awards were for lots of technicians and there were a few categories. I am excited to say that I was a FINALIST in eyebrow technician of the year with over 2 years experience! I was so happy and grateful to get into the finals. To be recognised for all the hard work and passion you put into your work is amazing and to be among so many other great technicians. Thanks to all my amazing clients for always supporting me. Just shows dedication and hard work pays off!

Here are a few pictures of the conference and awards, I honestly had the best time and highly recommend it to any other techs looking to learn more and network with others.







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