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We have a few new great products from our fantastic facial range COLIIN RESULTIME. I’ve picked Collagen gel as our product of the month as we have had some great feedback on it. Applied in the evening before bed or twice weekly as a mask this gel leaves the skin instatly hydrated and smooth giving your skin 46% pure collagen. We all loose collagen from our skin from our early twenties and this is how our skin wrinkles due to lack of it. Give it a great boost with this silky smooth collagen gel, available in limited addition trial size only £19.95


Our other new products include:

Volumising serum- plumping the skin

reshaping serum- with caffine extracts to slim fatty tissues and lift the skin great for jowels and neck area!

Grain free soft scrub- leaving your skin smooth and refreshed

Lifting minute mask- ideal for use before makeup as it instantly tightens the skin

All the collin resulttime range is ideal for the 35 + age skin.

Why not come in and experience the full range of products and more, with our luxurious 70 minute facial with instant lifting results £65

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