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Semi permanent makeup is taking the beauty industry by storm so I thought I would do a little blog for those of you who have thoughts and questions about it. The beauty industry has always been my passion but since I qualified in permanent cosmetics my passion has grown stronger!

My first piece of advice is RESEARCH, when looking for your cosmetic artist or anything of such likeness, please please research into experience, qualifications and recommendations. If something seems to cheap or too good to be true it usually is. We all love a bargain, but surely not when it comes to our faces?

I have been performing permanent cosmetics for 5 years now, I trained with the leading company nouveaucontour and currently hold certificates in the following: cosmetic artistry, understanding anaesthetics, blood Bourne viruses, bronze, silver and advanced gold cosmetic techniques and microblading, I am fully licensed and insured.

Permanent makeup is a subtle form of tattooing designed to enhance your features and is available for all ages. They benefit all types of clients, busy mums or career women, sports people unable to wear makeup, alopecia and cancer clients, people who are allergic to normal makeup or people who simply want to have a makeup look 24/7.

We work together to design and draw a bespoke brow to suit your face and requirements, as we do with eyeliner and lips too. We pick pigment colours together making sure they suit your undertones in your skin, I always advise that it’s better to go too light than too dark. We are able to intensify and darken the colour at your retouch procedure 4–6 weeks after the initial treatment. Everyone is required to have 2 procedures 6 weeks apart and then your next treatment is every 12-18 months.. We DO NOT shave your brows off, I work with your existing hair to enhance and define. When the pigment is being implanted into the skin it is no more uncomfortable than tweezing or threading, I also use numbing gel throughout the process.

The healing process takes a few weeks, the pigments are always darker than required when they are first done as they will heal 30-50% lighter when healed. During healing you may experience, swelling, dryness, itching & flaking, this is all normal. I supply each client with a healing balm to use daily. I offer FREE consultations if you’d like to know more, or visit the gallery page for some pictures. Wake up to makeup I’m so glad that I do!

Jenny x

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