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So i’ve decided to clear up the differences between Shellac and Bio gel today. There are so many different nail products and treatments in the nail industry and i’ve tried most them, Shellac and bio gel are the leading brands for natural nails at the moment and we offer them both, but what are they and how do they work?

Well i’ll start with Shellac, this is called a power polish or gel polish. It looks like nail polish, goes on like nail polish but it sets/cures in a UV lamp like a gel. This means its instantly dry at the end of your manicure leaving you ready to use your hands freely straight away and it lasts for up to 3 weeks. It has a thin look and feel just like nail polish but it does not chip or peel. Perfect for those who like immaculate manicured nails. It has to be soaked off with special wraps but this only takes 10 mins, both procedures are done in the salon.

Bio sculpture gel– This is a conditioning gel. It paints on from a pot with a brush and also dries in a UV lamp. It has a thicker consistancing therefore it is a lot stronger, it can be used for overlays or sculptures (building the nail up for length). It is the healthist nail treatment on the market as we use special vitamins before we apply it and it lets your nails breath while promoting them to grow. It lasts 2-4 weeks depending on nail growth and how you look after them. This product soaks off with gel remover and this can take up to 25 minutes. The full application is an hour.

Both these products are available in clear, colours or french but they are quite different. Shellac is meant as a permanent polish and that only! It can be applied over acrylics too. But Bio gel is a nail treatment that helps the nails to grow, is thicker and lasts longer.

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