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So this year we’ve made a few changes to our treatment list and taken on more amazing facials that show real results. I’m really happy that I’ve taken on Collin resultime for our facials and products as this is another thing I’m really fussy with, skin care! I’ve looked after my skin from the age of 12 and tried pretty much most of the skin care brands out there and this one I love! So this summer I extended our facial range and we all had a lot more training with the company! You will find these treatments on the pamper page. I’ve seen some truly dramatic and fantastic results from these facials and products instantly, and I’m not just saying it for the hard sell. Again I use, try and test everything that I offer and I don’t believe in offering something that is not beneficial to my clients. I’ve had great feed back from everyone that’s used the products, once you’ve tried them for yourself you’ll know. The facials may seem a little pricey but they really do work and if your looking to improve your skin then we can definitely help, whether it be anti ageing, sensitivity, hydration or congestion we deal with it all. So on our last training week I purchased a fantastic new piece of technology that we were blown away with at the head quarters of Collin Paris!

THE SKIN SCOPE: it’s basically a computerised skin analysis machine that connects to the lap top. It sounds scary but once you’ve had one you’ll see how great it is, we all used it on each other in the salon and found out our true skin types. It magnifies the skin and takes pictures of it, reading the moisture levels, oil levels, measuring wrinkle depth and much more! The point of it is so that you can see for yourself what we advising to you is what your skin really needs. There are so many skin care products on the shelves these days that we all don’t know what we really should be buying. This in turn saves you money and your skin massively benefits too! The majority of the time we think we know what skin type we are but 90% of the time we are wrong, this is because when we use the wrong skin care this changes our skin type. So the skin scope is here to show you what products are suitable for your skin and what facials we recommend you have. It shows you graphs and charts at the end of the analysis so it shows us what we should be working on. A good idea is to have a skin scope at the start of a facial course and at the end so you can see for yourself how your skin has changed in black and white.

For more info on this look on the pamper page or pop in to see us for a chat about it. We are off to a Collin resultime seminar and evening dinner dance in October which we are looking forward too so I’ll let you know how that goes and hopefully upload some pics for you!

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