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This month i’ve decided to offer something different in the salon. Many people ask for teeth whitening and i usually say no sorry we do not offer this. Well now we do!

I have joined up with Amazing smile, ive tried and testing this, i had mine done a few days ago and i was wowed by the results. I’ve had laser teeth whitening twice and both times i suffered from really bad sensivitiy, but this time it was different. I had no pain and i went 3 shades lighter,which i thought was really good as i already had quite white teeth. My dad also had the procedure done, this was a good test as he’s a smoker so his teeth really needed it. He went 6 shades lighter and was really pleased with the results!

This procedure is different as it contains NO peroxide or bleech and NO PAIN and only takes 20 minutes! Its ONLY £89.99 which is a great price as most places charge at least £199 for this. The only way is essex cast also use amazing smile.

We are offering this on a few different dates the first date is monday 20th august, so get booking!

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