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In this industry we see many brides, pampering and beautyfing them ready for the big day! This month we have enjoyed pampering and preparing the lovely Lorna! Lorna came in and her exact words were “help! im getting married in a month and i need everything! what can you do?”

For all brides we create really good package deals, so for Lorna this is what we did: She enjoyed a course of face and body Crystal clear facials leading up to the wedding, this dramaticaly improved Lorna’s skin leaving it looking clearer and fresher! We also gave her a universal body contour wrap by doing this she lost 12.5 inches from her body, which is a great result, she was really happy with this! The wrap also tightens and firms the skin, while breaking down cellulite and exfoliating the skin, perfect for the last minute tweeks before you need to wear the dress. While the wrap was taking Lorna had french bio gel nails with a touch of glitter on the tips, and a pedicure with matching bio gel and glitter toe nails. To finish we applied Lash perfect eyelash extentions– my personal opinion on these is that they are a must for a bride! They are fuss free and no need for mascara incase you cry. Also some waxing. Last but not least the next day we done a st tropez spray tan giving Lorna that finishing glow!

All this makes our jobs so worth while when we see such great results and make the client feel pampered and glam. We recieved a lovely thankyou card and truffles, which are very yummy by the way so thanks Lorna!

So we are all wishing Lorna the best of luck and many congratulations for the big day tomorrow, can’t wait to see the pictures!

If your getting married and would like more infomation on wedding packages feel free to give me a call.

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