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So im always tweeting about a product called Glitzylips so i thought i’d tell you a little bit more about them! I first discovered Glitzylips at Olympia beauty show last autum. Those of you who know me know that i love a bit of glitz so i was instantly drawn to these. They are so different and great for nights outs!

Basically Glitzylips are a foil that is applied at the salon to your lips with a special glue, they are instantly dry and VERY metalic and glitzy. We have 7 colours bright red, dark red, hot pink, light pink, smokey silver, coco and rainbow. Truthly the reds and pinks look more normal but the other colours are very striking and fun. They are a sure conversation starter, lips that are kissable, smudge proof and stand out a mile what more could you want. I’ve put them to test myself so i would advise eating before you have this done as they come off with water and facewipes. You will also need to drink through a straw all night but i think thats a small price to pay fo these lips!

They are not just for the lips either, we’ve had a play and you can put them over gel nails and on you skin for wacky face makeup to be really different. You might have spotted them on The xfactor last year and Dancing on ice this series! What do you think?

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