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Why do we choose to stock Bare minerals? And whats so good about it?

So we’ve stocked and used Bare minerals for 8 years now and we still LOVE IT! Why?

There are so many benefits to using bare minerals, firstly it is the only mineral makeup that is 100% minerals. Other compaines can call themselves a mineral makeup aslong as they have 2% minerals in. So you may think your buying a pure mineral product but you most probably are not. Mineral makeup is better for the skin as it contains zinc oxide which also acts like a skin treatment- fighting outbreaks of spots. It hydrates the skin, does not clog your pores like traditional liquid foundations, doesnt contain taulk like many other powder founations which drys out your skin, and contains spf to protect your skin daily from the sun and atmosphere.

BareMinerals is has a light feel on the skin but you can also create a heavy coverage if you wish to. It gives a flawless finish which is long wearing & good for your skin. We use it for our own everyday wear, and we apply to our clients for occasion makeup, weddings, proms and parties. It really is suitable for all skin types and is recognised by the skin cancer foundation. You can use bare minerals straight after a facial, cosmetic surgery, waxing and can even sleep in it! They have a full luxious range of products, 4 types of foundations, tinted gel creams, blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, brow pencils and more. Theres something to suit everyone. Whats not to love?


All the products really are lovely and I would never use any other foundation!

So why dont you pop in and see us, enjoy a free makeup demo from one of our therapists and try it for yourself, if you havent already!

This month we will be excited to stock three new products to their range, complexion rescue- spf 30 gel cream formula which has a dewy finish, sheer or meduim coverage and hydrates the skin

Blemish remedy loose formula – No spf, matte finish great for blemished, congested, red or oily skin. 8 hour wear and applied with full flawless brush

5 in 1 bb cream eyeshadows- LONG-WEAR COLOUR: Glide on creamy colour that lasts up to 12 hours. Our mineral pigments blend on effortlessly for seamless coverage and rich, full-bodied colour that flatters all complexions. Spf 15

PRIME: Boosted with powerful priming properties, this eyeshadow delivers pure colour that stays perfectly in place all day without creasing, fading or smudging.

BRIGHTEN: Infused with an ingredient blend known for enhancing skin-brightening benefits, this formula delivers even-toned eyelids while reducing the appearance of dark spots and discolouration for brighter lids over time.

SMOOTH: This featherlight formula smoothes out the surface of the eyelid, diffusing the appearance of lines and wrinkles for refined texture, younger-looking skin and flawless, uniform colour.


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