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Treatment Information

  • Duration 2 hrs
  • Practitioner Jenny Cader / Elly Dewen


  • Do you struggle to apply lip liner or lipstick?

    Is your natural lip colour fading or very pale?

    Looking for more definition, shape and colour to your lips?

    If any of the above are you then this lip blush treatment is for you. Lip blush is a subtle form of micro-pigmentation tattooing which is designed to give more definition and colour to the lips. This can be anything from soft pinks and peaches to bright plums and reds. A lipstick look or a subtle tint, the choice is yours. We use ultra-fine needles with a gentle technique to implant mineral-based pigments into the top layers of the lips. These pigments are designed to fade gradually over time which will mean a top-up is required every 12 months – 2 years depending on the client and pigments used.

    Is this treatment painful?

    You may experience some slight scratchy feelings to the lips but we use numbing cream throughout this procedure to ensure you are comfortable. Some swelling will occur but will subside after 24 hours

  • How long will it take to heal?

    The lips will be up to 50% darker when first completed, they will then begin to flake after 4-5 days when your natural lip exfoliates itself. A healing balm is given to you after the procedure and must be applied continually for 1-2 weeks to ensure they stay moisturised. After 4 weeks the lips are fully healed and the true colour will show. You will then return to the clinic for a complimentary top up.

    Why do I need a top-up after 4-6 weeks?

    Top-ups are required after 4-6 weeks to ensure we have implanted enough pigment and you are happy with the result and colour. This also gives us the opportunity to go darker or brighter with the pigment choice is the client wishes as its always best to start more natural on your first application.

Treatment Prices



Full Lip Blush£450
Ombre Lips£400
Eye lash enhancement£250
Eyelash enhancement top and bottom£300
Eyeliner shaded or latino liner£395
Eyeliner top and bottom£425
Beauty Mark£75
Lips and brows package£700
Full face£925



12 – 18 months intervals recommended£225
2 year+ this includes a top up after 6 weeks£295

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